Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to Breckenridge

Matt's mom Diane came into town on Friday for the week, so today we decided to make another trip out to Breckenridge with her. This time it was cold though, and we had to bundle the boys up! Fall is definitely coming!

More Birthday Party Pics

When we started singing to Jack he started crying and wanted to run away. Matt had to hold him in his chair until the singing was over. He did help blow out the candles and LOVED the cupcakes though.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Party Preview

I didn't have time to upload all of Jackson's birthday party pics, but here are a few from the cowboy extravaganza!

Wanted poster pics for everyone, including the babies.
He LOVED his cupcake.
He HATED the pinata.
The cowboy hats were a big hit.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grocery Stockpiling- How it's done.

Everyone always wants to know how I save so much on groceries and keep our grocery costs so low. Here's the answer:

I watch a few blogs for deals, clip and print coupons, and stock up when the price is right. Most of the time, I go weeks without stocking up on anything, but when the deal is right, I will spend $200 in a week. I also typically buy bread from a bread outlet, and then freeze it until we need it. By living off our grocery stockpile I am able to only spend about $15 a week on grocery necessities which include milk and produce (which stays cheap due to working at Target and seeing all the deals on produce).

I know lots of people say, "how do you have time for that"? The reality is that for a typical shopping trip I prepare for a few hours, and save hundreds.

Tonight's Safeway trip cost $28 and 7 different transactions, but here is what I got:

2 Gallons milk (expires soon but we drink a LOT), 12 boxes Chex (doesn't expire until 2011 so I will use this for Christmas Puppy Chow to gift), 26 boxes Gushers and Fruit Snacks (Jack's favorite treat and bribe), 1 Bag Tide Stain Release (I will find out how this works), and 7 Sweet Moments Brownies (Best treat ever).

And... just in case you are wondering we will not be eating Chex and Gushers every day, this will last months. Also, it involves shopping late and finding friendly cashiers who are coupon friendly, and who are cool with you doing 7 transactions (although that's more excessive than normal).

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Living in Colorado, we take every opportunity that we can to go to Rodeos. Last night we got to take John, Debbie, and Ana to their first rodeo. It also happened to be Mason's first rodeo!

Friday, August 13, 2010

John, Debbie, and Ana visit Denver!

On Wednesday afternoon, as Matt was waking up from his nap, he heard a knock on our door, and to his surprise it was our 5 year old niece Ana!!! Matt's dad and step-mom decided to take a road trip to Denver and surprise us. Amazingly I was able to get a 4 day weekend off of work and the fun began!

Thursday we spent the day at a western store, giant sandbox, and our for steak and ice cream.

Today we ventured to Breckenridge. Matt and I only had 1 goal... to get a family picture. Although we got many "family pictures" I don't know if even one of them is going to make the cut. Matt also forgot to take off his sunglasses for a series of photos which didn't help. I thought I could let you all see and choose.

We also attempted a photo of the 2 boys together. It involved bribery with cookies, cookies being shoved into Mason's mouth by Jackson, lots of "itsy bitsy spider", and not a single good picture.

While in Breck we rode the Gondola, Shopped, Played in the river, Played on the slide, Played in the toy store, and had lunch. Needless to say, Jack was all played out and slept the whole ride home.

Then we drove back to Denver where we met our friend Erin for ice cream at our favorite Denver ice cream joint. Her and her family were coming through on the end of a 10 day roadtrip. Next time we see her will probably be for her and Ian's wedding!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Back in August last year when we announced that we were pregnant with Mason the same exact week we found out my two close friends Rebekah and Lindsay were also due in March. Rebekah had Owen on the 12th, Lindsay had Leah on the 23rd, and I had Mason on the 24th. Now at 4.5 months old here are the three little cuties!
Today we hung out with them to celebrate our friend Stephen's birthday and Jack had tons of fun playing with Stephen's nephews. They were so sweet to him and took them on their "adventures" with guns through the brush.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cowboy Room Reveal

And since I finally revealed Mason's room, I figured I should show you Jack's too!

1. Picture from the doorway
2. Vintage "Wagon Train" tin lunchbox
3. Old Western Movie Posters hanging from a metal gun my mom bought for Jack
4. "Cowkid" made out of a lasso
5. Big boy bunk beds with bedding made by my mom and I, down to the bandana pillows!
6. Bandana valance that I sewed
7. Bedtime reading chair with metal stars
8. Hat hooks with cowboy hat from Grandpa John and Grandma Debbie
9. "God Bless Cowboys" sign
10. Toy box bench with cowboy tea towel pillows that I made
11. Rodeo star on Jack's door
12. Jack snuggled up in his "big boy bed"
13. Vintage guns from an antique store and the carved rocking horse my Grandpa Bernie made for Jackson.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mason's Monster Room Revealed

I Finally put the finishing touches on Mason's monster room! Here it is!

1. The changing table on the built in shelves that Matt built to maximize our space.
2. The bumper pad and quilt I sewed.
3. Overview from the doorway
4. The flannel blanket I sewed and the Crocheted blanket my friend Sakeen made without even knowing the colors of his room!
5. The "My little monster" frame my friend Rachel gave Mason.
6. Mason's ugly all tucked in.
7. Another overview from the doorway
8. Ikea pet-net and canvas hospital picture of Jack meeting Mason.
9. "Sweet Little Monster" hanging that I made
10. Monster towel from Matt's step siblings Katy and Dave
11. "I can't help falling in love with you" print from Etsy
12. All Mason's Uglys!

3rd Anniversary!!!

Three down...forever to go!! Today marks the day Jess and I made it official...August 4th, 2007. I just want to let you all know we are doing great and could not be happier together. We have been blessed with a beautiful family, and endless amounts of love.

Jess, I love you and cherish each minute we have together! I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together..till death do us part!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mason in the Jumperoo

Best Buds

Our friend's son Warren is 6 months older than Jack and they absolutely LOVE to play in the pool together. Here are some pics from last night.

The many expressions of Jack

These pictures were taken over the course of about 5 seconds!

Jackson's First Cub's Game

Today Matt took Jack to Coors Field for the Cubs vs. Rockies game. Matt is hoping to start Jack as a young Cub's fan! They shared a snow cone, walked around the field, and had a great time! Jack was outstanding for him and Matt said he would even take him again!