Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Post-Nap Hangtime

Today after Jack woke up from his nap he was being super cuddly with Matt. I got out the camera and the two of them decided to ham it up.

A tale of Jack's first time sledding.

Matt blew up the tube, and Matt and Jack both got all bundled up. Mom stood at the bottom of the hill to take pictures. Matt and Jack hiked all the way up the hill.

Only to discover that the tube had a leak and they couldn't sled down.

So Matt pulled Jack all the way back down. By the time they got to the bottom the tube was deflated and Jack was being pulled through the snow.

They threw it straight into the trash and walked away with only their bungee cords.

This is Jack's, "I knew this wasn't going to work" face.

So they resorted to the playground.

Luckily all was not lost because Jack loves the swings.

And Daddy loves to push him.

And the slide.

Matt may have been a little big for the slide.

Jack is still a little skeptical of playing in the snow.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Headstand Boy!

Yesterday Jack discovered that he could stand on his head. When he gets really brave he picks up his hands and balances!
He enjoys making his "picture face" even while upside down.
Jack also enjoys pointing his "guns" at his daddy while upside down.
The "picture face". He even makes this face when he sees the camera and no one is taking a picture.

Exhausted after hours of "standing" on his head.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Just three for now.

It's exactly 31 days from our due date, and we are just enjoying being a family of 3 for now. Jack loves climbing on his daddy, snuggling with his mommy, and being the "baby" playing in a friends infant carrier. He has no clue what's about to hit him, we're just praying that he handles it well!

Jack is 18 monthes old. He LOVES: fruitsnacks, dancing (specifically to the "party mix" on channel 900), his blankies, milk, climbing on the couches, books, getting bites of mama's ice cream, McDonalds fries and cheeseburgers, the Sesame Street theme song, watching people out the window, dipping his food (in any condiment, it is the motion of dipping, not the taste), standing in front of the fridge with the door open, baths, waking up and seeing snow (just like his mama!), running in stores (especially Home Depot with the LONG aisles), riding on daddy's shoulders, sour cream (on anything), blowing kisses, and blowing his own nose.

He HATES: the blowdryer, salsa, time outs (which are becoming more frequent), the baby gate (it only keeps him from things he wants), closed doors (he is VERY close to being able to open them), getting out of the tub, and mama wiping his nose.

His current words are: Ball, Papa, Mama, All Done, Dat (that) (while pointing to things), Touchdown, Butball(Football), Buffalo, Yellow, Book, nananna (banana). He also barks and moos and thinks that those are the sounds that all animals make!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

One kneepad Wonder

For Christmas Grandpa John and Grandma Debbie got Jackson a bike, helmet, and kneepads. We haven't gotten him out on the bike yet, but he absolutely loves the kneepads. Every morning he brings me one to strap on and typically plays all morning wearing one kneepad.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This one's for you Diane!

Matt's mom Diane is constantly asking for me to post pictures of myself on the blog. I typically don't because I am usually the one taking the pictures, not the one in the pictures. Also, being 34 weeks pregnant I haven't felt particularily photogenic. Luckily for her, last night I was feeling generous when we were at a friend's birthday party and I let Matt snap a few pictures. So, here you go Diane, this one's for you!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cute huh?

Monster Nursery

Our monster nursery is still in the planning phase and I am getting more and more excited to decorate it. Yesterday I ordered the fabric to sew the bedding, changing pad, and curtains. I am getting pretty ambitious and hope to sew this quilt with a few slightly different fabrics. I'm definitely not making any promises about it being complete before the baby gets here.

Today I spent some time online ordering some monster books to display on the baby's bookshelf. I am also hoping that after looking through them I might find a few pages to use for art on the baby's wall. If anyone knows of any other good monster books I am up for suggestions!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Monsters on my Mind!

After my last post of "Babies on the Brain", the title of "Monsters on my mind" seemed fitting as now ALL I have been thinking about are these adorable little monsters. Why you may ask? I have decided to completely redo the nursery in a cute monster theme.
Jack's nursery was really a hodgepodge of what we acquired and never really had a plan or any thought put into it. With all of my extra time at home I have been looking at lots of cute blogs and I realized that our nursery was a completely underutilized decorating space! So... after going back and forth from the idea of lime and brown, circus animals, and an alphabet theme I eventually decided on the "cute monster" theme. It involves sewing new bedding and curtains, repainting a wall or two, choosing, ordering and applying wall decals, installing built in shelves, purchasing more "Uglydolls", and repainting the black rocker that I got new for $40! Matt doesn't know it yet, but this project may sidetrack him slightly from the basement project. As for a budget my goal is to complete this entire project for under $250. Hopefully it won't be long before I will be posting with our cute monster nursery.
P.S. For you curious family members, our son's name is not going to be Stuart, that is just the example of the monster eye letters that I will be ordering in his name!