Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Changes!

Lately there has been another lack of posting. So let me update you on the big changes from the last few weeks of our lives.

1. Matt quit his job at UPS! Almost 4 years ago Matt started working early mornings (2-7AM) as a temporary job that would allow him to stay home with our boys during the day, until I promoted and had the income to let him stay home completely. As promoting has been pushed back for me, it went from being temporary, to lasting for 4 years. This lifestyle was not something that we wanted to continue, which leads me to #2

2. Matt starting CDL trucking school! My dad owns an oil trucking business in Dickinson, North Dakota and Matt is going to begin going to North Dakota and trucking 20 days a month, and coming home for 10 days a month. Although this lifestyle may not sound better, we're hoping that it will be because we will be making more money, and the 10 days that Matt will be home it will actually be quality time together, versus the minimal time we have had for the last few years.

3. Matt's mom, stepdad, and their dog Corkie came out to help take care of the boys for 9 days! Not only did they watch the boys but Glenn took care of my incredibly long "honey-do" list which included everything from changing lightbulbs to hanging trim and everything inbetween. Can you believe it took us 2 years of living here to caulk down our kitchen countertops?

4. We hired a Nanny. Her name is Sam, she is a 19 year old college student, and she is awesome with the boys. This is something that is so difficult for both Matt and I because we are going from one of us being with the boys all the time, to trusting someone else to be with them 50 hrs a week!

5. Jackson turned 3! He is a little spitfire, whose favorite word and question is, "Why?". We had a big pancake party, and I'll post more on that soon!

6. Matt passed his CDL test and is leaving for ND on Sunday!

7. Our babies are turning into little boys! Here is the picture I had taken of them last week!