Monday, March 23, 2009

Soaking up the Sunshine!

Tonight is the last night of our wonderful vacation in BEAUTIFUL Punta Gorda Florida. We came down last Tuesday and have spent the week at the house that my parents are renting here. My Grandpa Orien and sister were here for the beginning of our trip, and now it's just Matt, Jack, my parents and I.

This week was Jackson's first swim in a pool, and he loved it. He would dive right under and drink the whole pool if we would let him put his head under. He also LOVES to splash. Throughout the week we spent hours in the pool, got lots of reading in, went out on the boat (and saw Dolphins less than 15 feet away!), had numerous ice cream cones, watched the Blue Angels practice, had dinner at Harpoon Harry's on the harbour, walked through Fisherman's Village, went to the Flea Market and picked up a few great finds, and enjoyed lots of great meals as a family. It was also great to have help with Jack from my family all week long. The only downside of the week is that we all came down with colds.

Here are some pics from our week and if you want to see the rest I posted them all at

Sunday, March 15, 2009

6 Month Appointment

On Thursday we had Jack's 6 month appointment and here are his stats:

-22lbs 3 oz (97th percentile)... he's back on the charts!
-27 inches long (80th percentile)
-44 cm head (70th percentile)

The doctor said that he is completely healthy and doing great. She also said that we should start giving him a sippy cup and feeding him "puffs" which are like soft crackers.

He also got 5 shots and 1 oral vaccination. We'll have to go back next month for his follow up flu shot. Otherwise we don't need to go back until he is 10 months old! Our little baby sure is growing up!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He's 6 Months Old!

Jackson is now six months old!
  • He wears 12-18 month clothes
  • He absolutely loves receipts (and always tries to eat them)
  • He still loves laying on his changing table
  • He LOVES sweet potatoes
  • He HATES green beans
  • He can sit on his own (but falls over sometimes)
  • He is out of the infant seat and in a real car seat
  • He loves being thrown in the air by daddy
  • He sleeps 10 hours a night
  • He only cuddles after naps
  • He sleeps on his stomach
  • He loves "Baby Einstein" movies
  • He rolls from his back to his stomach
  • He goes to the nursery during church
  • He sits in high chairs at restaurants and shopping carts at stores
  • He smiles every time he sneezes

Our little boy is growing up fast, but it is really fun to see him frow and change.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

More Pics

Yesterday we had a great Saturday as a family and went all over town. We got Jack's passport pictures taken at picture people and decided to get some cute pictures along with the passport pics. Here is the link to the pictures:

We also had lunch at Chilis, got some produce for more baby food at Sunflower (sweet potatoes and carrots), picked up some necessities from Target, hit K-mart for their "Super Double" coupons, had free Quizno's subs for dinner, picked up some free stuff (mainly baby socks) with our $5 coupons from Kohls, and made a stop at the post office and bank! The amazing part was that Jack was outstanding for the entire day!