Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Daddy's Helper!

With both parties we had last week, we had to make sure the yard was in order, and Jackson was not about to let Matt get the yard work done without a little help from his miniature cowboy! Jack LOVES to "help"!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goodbye Ferreira's

Last week was bittersweet. Although we hosted the welcome home party for our friends the Minnick's, we also hosted the going away part for our friends the Ferreira's. And they are leaving for good, not just a year like the Minnicks.

Almost three years ago, Savanna and I met at our church's playgroup. Jackson and her son Levi were just a few months apart and we immediately bonded. Later we started our babysitting swap with the Ferreira's which was a huge blessing. Savanna also babysat the boys numerous times when we were in a bind.

Now her husband just got a promotion and they are moving to Richmond. Although we are sad to say goodbye, we are excited for this new opportunity for them!

In order to have a proper sendoff, our initial babysitting swap group all got together for a going away barbeque. Again, I forgot to take any pictures, all of these pictures were taken by my good friend Angie, but at least we have a few pictures to remember the party by!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Belated Father's Day Post!

I took these pics of the boys fathers day morning!

As you'll notice they are decked out in their plaid because we were heading to the Rodeo! I had big plans to surprise Matt when he got home from work.. First a Cowboy breakfast at Cracker Barrel, church, then the Evergreen Rodeo, and a home cooked cowboy dinner. Well.... we got to Cracker Barrel and had to wait for 45 minutes, which is where our problems began. We first realized we would have to skip church. Then, the boys were TERRIBLE. When we got seated they only got worse. Both boys began screaming uncontrolably as if they had never eaten in a restaurant. Everyone was staring at us! I was so ashamed of us. Matt shoveled in his food and we left mid-meal, food barely touched by anyone else.

With plans to head to the Rodeo we began our journey and the boys did not get any better. So... we headed for home, put the boys down for naps, and hoped everything would be better after nap-time.

When the boys woke up, they were no better and we realized there would be no leaving the house again that day with them, let alone the rodeo.

So... there you have it. Father's Day 2011. The worst our boys have EVER been. At least they smiled for a few pictures that morning right? (even if Jack wouldn't take off his water shoes that are two sizes too big). Hopefully someday they can make it up to him!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome Home Minnicks

These last two weeks have been a whirlwind of parties, and they have all been so much fun that I forgot to take pictures at most of them. Anyways, two of the parties were because our great friends the Minnick's moved back to Denver after being away for a year. They have two kids Jadon who is a bit older than Jack, and Morgan who is a bit older than Mason. All the kids have a great time together though!
First we had a, "Banner Party" at our friends the Peterson's house, where we made the banner to hang on their garage. It was lots of fun and even the little guys got in on the action.


Next we had the, "Welcome Home Party" where our entire small group came to our house for a "Shish-Kabob" barbeque. We had a great time grilling, talking, eating, and playing. The camera only came out for the tail end of the party, I guess I'll have to work on that!

The Picnic Table

A few weeks ago I picked up a kids picnic table for $15 at a consignment sale. This has been the best purchase of the summer. The boys love eating outside, we love the outdoor cleanup of just hosing down the table, and all their friends love it too! My favorite part is that when Mase eats at the table he thinks he is part of the, "Big Kids Club" and tries so hard to fit in with the big kids. He laughs when they laugh, he steals and shares food off their plates, and he is the proudest boy in the world! So cute!
Here are a few pics from our babysitting swap a couple weeks ago at the picnic table!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Gutter Bookshelves

I LOVE kids books. I always have loved them, and I hope to inspire the same love of books for my boys. I hated the way all of our kids books were shoved on the bookshelf, where the boys couldn't even see all of the books that they have. So... Matt and I built "gutter bookshelves"! Yes, they are actual gutters, but they work perfectly for displaying all of their books in a way that they can see the covers!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Congratulations Ian and Erin!

Last weekend Matt headed home to Crystal Lake, IL for his best friend Ian's wedding. Although I would have LOVED to be there with him, the timing and finances just didn't line up right, and I ended up staying home with the boys.

Matt and Ian met in middle school, played football together in High School, and have been super close ever since! Here is a picture of them at High School graduation.
A few years ago we all went to Vegas together and for the whole trip Ian just went on and on about, "This awesome girl Erin who he just started dating"! This was one of the few moments from the trip where he wasn't on the phone with her or telling us about her!
This was Matt and Ian 4 years ago at our wedding, congratulating Matt right after the ceremony!
 and and hug too! I love this one!
Ian married an AWESOME girl named Erin who is absolutely perfect for him. We are so happy to have more good friends join us in the "married world"! Erin is just as sweet as she looks!
Here they are with their wedding party, I love Matt's cheesy smile, and Ian's cheesy jump!
 Lastly, here is a picture of what we did while Matt was off having fun!