Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lazy Daze Ahead

Currently I am 28 weeks pregant, due in 11 weeks on March 22nd and as of Wednesday I have not been able to walk more than a few steps at a time. I went in to the doctor today and they determined it is a pinched sciatic nerve. I am going to try physical therapy starting tomorrow, but it sounds like it is not likely that I will be back to work any time soon.

So... at least the next few weeks it looks like we are going to have some lazy daze. I am not on "bed rest", I just can't really be on my feet much or walk much. Here is the to do list for the next few weeks:

-Scrapbook a lot.
-Oversee the setting up and decorating of Jack's room (he is currently residing in the babies room). (By oversee I mean direct Matt, since the actual physical process of setting up and decorating is near impossible for me).
-Get quotes from sheetrocking tapers for the basement
-Get quotes on carpet for the basement
-Oversee the completion of the basement: demo, electric, sheetrock, ceiling, painting.
-Acquire a headboard for our bedroom... any good ideas?
-Buy a few things on Craigslist (twin mattresses, infant carrier)
-Sell a few things on Craigslist (extra crib mattress, broken washer and dryer (free), desk we inherited with the house (free))
-Try a few recipes from my new "Pioneer Woman" cookbook (Pico de Gallo, Cinnamon Buns, Twice Baked potatoes)
-Finish sewing the babies quilt (my first solo quilt, sewed with my 5th grade level sewing skills, let's just say it is not perfect, but made with love).
-Find doctors and dentists in Arvada.
-Enjoy LOTS of time with Matt and Jack before our family becomes a family of 4!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Matt!

Merry Christmas to our Blog friends and family! The week before Christmas Matt's mom came out for 9 days to help us out with our crazy work schedules. Then on Monday Matt's mom left and my sister Brittaney came for a week. It was great to have their help since Matt and I both worked a few long days, and with trying to get settled into our new place.
On Christmas day Jack went running out to see all of his toys from Santa and was greeted with a new tent, a laptop, a remote control jeep, a "Little People" garage, and more. The laptop is by far his favorite gift, and he can rarely be seen without it. As you can see our attempt at a Christmas Day Family Picture was unsuccessful.

Today is Matt's 26th birthday. It was a low key day and Matt joked that his best birthday presents were having Britt leave, and hopefully the Bears will beat the Vikings (the current score is MN 6, CHI 16). Tomorrow (1 day late) I am going to make the "Olson Family Chocolate Birthday Cake" and on Friday we are going to go out for dinner at "Texas de Brazil" to celebrate.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fallen off the Blogging Bandwagon II

Recently we have been incredible busy and blogging has been our last priority. But... it made me sad when I looked at the blog and realized how much of our lives has been left out. So... since last posting here is what we have been doing:

We moved into our new house. We had MANY good friends help us, and Matt and them knocked it out in no time. All of the boxes labeled "basement" are stacked and are inaccessible until we refinish the basement. That would be ok if I wouldn't have packed so many necessities in the "basement" boxes. All of my recipes, the printer, dirty dry cleaning, the hotel info for Jake's wedding, all candles, stamps, pens, envelopes, most of Jack's toys, 3/4 of my shoes, and our "coupon pantry" items. Almost daily I come up with another item that I "need" and Matt tells me to figure out how to do without it. Luckily we will begin refinishing the basement very soon, with a goal of being done before baby #2 arrives.

We got new couches, they are leather and perfect and comfortable and are perfect in our living room. We also got a new living room rug. This was our first rug buying experience and now we are hooked. Just today we purchased another 8x10 rug for our bedroom. I guess wood floors do that to you.

We set up our first ever full size 6' Christmas tree. It is in front of our big bay window, and looks beautiful from the inside and outside. For once our ornaments all fit without hanging on top of each other.

We participated in "adopt a family" with our Fellowship group from church. As a group we were able to purchase gifts for two needy families and bless them with Christmas dinner and clothes and toys for every family member.

We have had Matt's mom out for the past 9 days. It has been wonderful as she has helped out a ton with Jack, and allowed us both to work our crazy Christmas schedules and sleep when necessary. Numerous times Matt and I have passed each other on I70 going opposite directions as one of us goes to work and the other comes home. We couldn't have made it through the past week without her.

Jack is growing a ton, I think that his feet are growing twice as fast as his body, as the shoes that he grew into last month are already tight! My size 12's and Matt's 14's were definitely inherited by Jackson. He understands everything we say, but hasn't really caught on to talking. His words are "da" (dad),"ma" (mom), "ball", and "ruff ruff" (he thinks that all animals are puppies). His current hobbies are moving ALL of his toys from one location to another, walking around the house wearing our shoes, throwing toys over the baby gate down to the basement, opening then slamming kitchen cabinets, and barking at all animals.

Hopefully I won't fall of the blogging bandwagon quite this bad again so that you never need an update quite this long again.


On Tuesday we took Jack to see Santa. When we walked in Jack waved at him, gave him "knuckles" and "high fives" and jingled the bells on his wrist. Then when the moment of truth came it was all downhill. Jack hated sitting on Santa's lap and was trying to climb off of Santa on to me. So we settled for a screaming pic. We did get a decent family pic though, Jack is Mr. Serious, not smiling for anyone who he doesn't know.

Recently we are finding that Jack's personality is VERY similar to mine. When he is focused on something he is very focused and there is no joking or smiling. When he doesn't know someone, he is very serious and doesn't open up to them until he knows them well. He is also very particular where he puts things. His drink has to be in the cup holder, his toys have to be in the right place, and if you move a toy that he doesn't want moved, he goes and puts it right back where it belongs.