Friday, June 26, 2009

We've got a walker!

Jackson has been taking little steps lately, and moving holding on to things. This morning though when Matt got home from work we stood him up and he took off! We quickly pulled out the video camera and this is what we caught!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Last Thursday Matt got to MN from Denver, and Jack and I picked him up from the airport and headed for Marquette! It was a 7 hour drive, and we got there at 11:30, just in time for Matt to catch the tail end of his old roomate's bachelor party. The rest of the weekend was jam packed with wedding events, visiting old co-workers at Target, seeing old friends, eating at our favorite restaurants, and enjoying the beaches of Lake Superior. Our friends Timmy and Libby are perfect for each other, and it was awesome to be part of their wedding. Libby is one of the most enthusiastic and fun people we know and it was fitting that there was Karaoke and the Charleston at her wedding. Jackson came to the ceremony, and then some old friends watched him so that we could enjoy the reception "baby free"! There was lots of dancing and singing by all! It was also Jack's first time meeting many of our old friends, and it was great to be able to enjoy Marquette as a family!

Monday, June 15, 2009


After closing at work on Saturday, then opening on Sunday I raced home to get finish packing, get Jackson, and head to the airport. Jackson and I flew to Minnesota for our first trip away from Matt since Jackson was born. Matt had to work, but will be arriving on Thursday so that we can head to Marquette for our friend's wedding.

The plane ride was a FULL plane, and before the plane even took off Jackson started choking on his formula and coughed formula all over the lady next to me. Then because the overhead compartments were full the flight attendants started rearranging luggage and relocated the diaper bag to the front of the plane (which I didn't realize until I saw it about 10 feet ahead of us). This was not a problem until Jackson finished his bottle before takeoff. Jackson actually did alright, he only slapped the woman's arm next to us once, pulled the person's hair in front of us once, and threw his bottle down the aisle once. During the beverage service I ordered him some apple juice, due to the formula in the diaper bag being way out of reach. Then as we were decending all of the apple juice came back up... everywhere. All that I can say is that I am happy that Matt will be flying with us on the way home.
After landing we were greeted by my parents, who took us to my brother's house for a get together with some old friends. It was fun to see everyone, see his new house, and meet his new puppy! We didn't head for the lake until about 10PM and arrived home a little after midnight! Today we spent the day at my grandma and grandpa's with them and my aunt. Jackson is enjoying all of the attention and great home cooking. Today he has eaten: 3 bottles, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, jello salad, pork chops, rhubarb crisp, steak, puffs, and brocolli! No wonder he is in the 90th percentile!
Jack is VERY close to being a walker, and Matt's biggest fear is that after spending all day every day at home with him, that he is going to start walking while we are away for four days. Although I am sure that with a little coaxing the boy would take off, I am intentionally keeping him off his toes so that Matt can experience his first solo steps!

OK... I'll end this incredibly long post with a couple of pics.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Great Auntie Connie and Uncle Doug

Today my Aunt Connie and Uncle Doug stopped by our house on their way through Denver to Utah. The delivered some early Birthday Gifts for Jackson, and a deep freezer for us. Even though it was a short stop through it was nice to see them!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He's 9 Months Old!

Jackson is now 9 months old!

-He weighs 25 lbs.
-He wears 18 mo. clothes
-He wears size 5 diapers
-He laughs whenever he sees people kiss
-He grunts when he wants food
-He hides while he is pooping
-He can climb the entire flight of stairs
-He eats most adult food
-He drinks 4 bottles a day
-He walks holding on to anything
-He LOVES taking baths
-He has 4 teeth
-He cries when he is alone
-He loves to bang on things, hard.
-He laughs as he crawls away from you

Jackson is turning into a little boy. He finally has been out of me as long as he was in me. Just think it's been 18 months since we found out I was pregnant!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First Video Attempt

In our move in January we lost the cable to upload videos. I kept thinking it would turn up, and now it is May 31st and I finally bought a new one. Since I have a TON of videos to share I am working on figuring out an easier way to upload videos to the blog! Bear with me while I figure this out... this post is probably going to evolve in the next few days!

*Update* Since I know that all of you do not want to watch the 32 shoft videos that we have made since December I created a "YouTube Channel" where you can go to view those videos. I will try to post on the blog any time that I add new videos. Here is the link: