Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect Weekend in CO

This weekend we enjoyed our time off together by exploring the mountains and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We spent a day in Fort Collins at "Oktoberfest" and then on Sunday we drove through Rocky Mountain National Park and then spent the night "camping" in Grand Lake. When I say camping I don't mean our typical camping since it got down to 20 degrees at night. Instead we rented a cute little heated cabin. Grand Lake is a BEAUTIFUL town and we have decided that is where we want to retire! Hopefully someday you can all come and visit us there!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The House Hunt

Matt and I have decided to buy our first home! We started looking last week, looked at houses on Tuesday, found a house we love on Wednesday, and put in an offer today on Thursday! We submitted the offer tonight, and will have an answer by 10AM on Saturday morning! Here is the house:
It is a four bedroom, three bathroom house in Arvada, which is Northwest of Denver, about 15 minutes from downtown. It has beautiful landscaping, a 1 car garage, a covered back porch, and a huge basement which would be a perfect family room. The only work that we would have to do is minor. It is in an older quiet neighborhood with outstanding schools. We're praying that we get it, but if we don't we know that it's part of God's plan. Hopefully I post in a day saying we're under contract!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He's Dedicated!

Although Jackson is already a year old, we hadn't gotten him dedicated yet. Last Sunday during church we had a "baby dedication". Basically the church commits to praying for the babies of the church, and the parents of the babies. As parents we committed to raise Jackson according to God's will and his word.

During the prayer Jackson was playing with my necklace and broke it, so we became slightly distracted for a minute, trying to ensure that we didn't lose any pearls! Luckily we got them all!

Although we were committed to raising Jack according to the Lord's will from the moment we found out I was pregnant, we were happy to finally publically have him dedicated! Here are the videos of the dedication.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

1 Year Appointment

Today we took Jackson to his 1 year doctor's appointment. He surprised us with his weight, coming in at 26 lbs, he is 31 inches tall, and his head is 47.25 inches. All of his stats put him between the 75th and 90th percentile. He did have to get 4 immunizations and he was NOT happy. The doctor told us the inevitable... that we need to get him off the bottle. Although we knew it was coming, we are not looking forward to this change, it's going to be a tough one!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jackson loving his new Cozy Coupe... similar to the one I had as a little girl!

Jackson all ready for Bear's game day... even though he didn't get to go to the game with his dad and grandpa. (Notice his new Crocs which his dad said he would NEVER let his son wear!)
Spending some quality cuddle time with grandpa.

Jack's new Hanna jammies from Auntie Britty and Brian.

Jackson's new "game" where he throws ALL of his toys on the other side of the gate, including the soccer net, then waits for us to get them for him!