Friday, August 13, 2010

John, Debbie, and Ana visit Denver!

On Wednesday afternoon, as Matt was waking up from his nap, he heard a knock on our door, and to his surprise it was our 5 year old niece Ana!!! Matt's dad and step-mom decided to take a road trip to Denver and surprise us. Amazingly I was able to get a 4 day weekend off of work and the fun began!

Thursday we spent the day at a western store, giant sandbox, and our for steak and ice cream.

Today we ventured to Breckenridge. Matt and I only had 1 goal... to get a family picture. Although we got many "family pictures" I don't know if even one of them is going to make the cut. Matt also forgot to take off his sunglasses for a series of photos which didn't help. I thought I could let you all see and choose.

We also attempted a photo of the 2 boys together. It involved bribery with cookies, cookies being shoved into Mason's mouth by Jackson, lots of "itsy bitsy spider", and not a single good picture.

While in Breck we rode the Gondola, Shopped, Played in the river, Played on the slide, Played in the toy store, and had lunch. Needless to say, Jack was all played out and slept the whole ride home.

Then we drove back to Denver where we met our friend Erin for ice cream at our favorite Denver ice cream joint. Her and her family were coming through on the end of a 10 day roadtrip. Next time we see her will probably be for her and Ian's wedding!

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