Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grocery Stockpiling- How it's done.

Everyone always wants to know how I save so much on groceries and keep our grocery costs so low. Here's the answer:

I watch a few blogs for deals, clip and print coupons, and stock up when the price is right. Most of the time, I go weeks without stocking up on anything, but when the deal is right, I will spend $200 in a week. I also typically buy bread from a bread outlet, and then freeze it until we need it. By living off our grocery stockpile I am able to only spend about $15 a week on grocery necessities which include milk and produce (which stays cheap due to working at Target and seeing all the deals on produce).

I know lots of people say, "how do you have time for that"? The reality is that for a typical shopping trip I prepare for a few hours, and save hundreds.

Tonight's Safeway trip cost $28 and 7 different transactions, but here is what I got:

2 Gallons milk (expires soon but we drink a LOT), 12 boxes Chex (doesn't expire until 2011 so I will use this for Christmas Puppy Chow to gift), 26 boxes Gushers and Fruit Snacks (Jack's favorite treat and bribe), 1 Bag Tide Stain Release (I will find out how this works), and 7 Sweet Moments Brownies (Best treat ever).

And... just in case you are wondering we will not be eating Chex and Gushers every day, this will last months. Also, it involves shopping late and finding friendly cashiers who are coupon friendly, and who are cool with you doing 7 transactions (although that's more excessive than normal).

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Luke and Christina Harniess said...

That is AMAZING Jess! Wow.. Like I always say... you amaze me:)

Good job on your hunting and finding bargains.

How are you all doing?