Friday, July 6, 2012

Nisswa Turtle Races!

Also while staying with my parents in Minnesota, we had to hit up the, "Nisswa Turtle Races"! I actually remember going to the turtle races even when I was little! One year my cousin Matt's turtle even one! This year my aunt, uncle brought their grandson Jaia, my grandma came, my sister brought Harry, and I had the boys.

Everything started out bright and sunny, all of us heading to the awning for shade. There was some trivia going on and although I hate to brag, I was definitely the family winner answering questions correct such as:

-What is the name of the world renowned racetrack in the Brainerd Lakes Area?? The Nisswa Turtle Track of course (everyone else answered Brainerd International Speedway)
-How were all of the 10,000 lakes created??? Paul Bunyan's footsteps of course! (Not Glaciers like everyone answered)
-What state consumes the most Spam? Hawaii! (which I knew from Target trivia), everyone else was sure it would be Minnesota!

All three boys raced turtles, Jaia's and Jack's turtles were right in the middle of the pack, Mason's turtle didn't even take a foot off the starting line.

 Then as a few rain drops started to fall they called all toddlers out for the special toddler race. Then as they started the turtles the rain started to fall hard and fast. Mase hated the rain, but his turtle was in first! By the time his turtle hit the finish line it was a torrential downpour, but Mason's turtle won!!! He must have been saving up all of his energy for the toddler race!

Mason's turtle in the final stretch!

As you can see Mason was not too happy!

Since the rain brought us all in, we headed to Rafferty's for Nisswa's finest pizza! It was awesome to be able to hang out all together and enjoy the best parts of small town Minnesota!

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Brittaney said...

I love that picture of Harrison! And all the ones of your boys!