Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day Trip to Duluth

One day last week, the boys and I loaded up first thing in the morning for a day trip to Duluth. The trip took about three hours and once we got there our trip was loaded with fun. We met up with my grandpa Orien and headed to my childhood favorite restaurant, Bridgemans.

Then we drove down to Park Point where we got to walk in the water, throw some sticks, and play in the sand. Then we took a drive along the shore and took a look at a lot of the flood damage.

Then we had to head back to my Grandpa's for a game of cards, since the whole drive to Duluth Mason kept saying, "Play Cards, Play Cards, Play Cards". (He remembers this with my Grandpa Orien)

Then we finished our day in Duluth hanging out with my friend Meghann and her boyfriend Roy, otherwise known as "Meggie and Ro" to Jackson. Then we headed back on our way on the 3 hour trip back to my parents house! We are so grateful to have wonderful family and friends to visit all throughout the great state of Minnesota!

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