Friday, July 6, 2012

Paul Bunyan Land

A few weeks ago, my mom sent this newspaper insert from the Brainerd paper, all about "Paul Bunyan Land".

Jackson and Mason studied it like crazy and mapped out their entire trip!

This last week my parents took the boys while I was meeting up with my friend Rachel in St. Cloud. Because my Aunt and Uncle still had their grandson Jaia he went too, and my grandma joined in the fun! I too went to Paul Bunyan as a kid, and remember LOVING how when you walked up to Paul he would say, "Well Hello there Jessica", and I could never figure out how he knew my name! It was great to hear Jack tell me, "Paul Bunyan knew my name"!!!

Paul's Blue Ox Babe

See my dad watching from the top of the slide?

Grandma and Grandpa on the train!

 Even Great Grandma Verna rode!

Do you think my dad was excited about the roller coaster???

I love this one of Jaia holding on to Jackson tight on the roller coaster... clearly because Grandma Jan was not willing to go!

I think Paul Bunyan Land will be a new Minnesota tradition for the boys! I love seeing them have just as much fun doing all the things I loved as a kid!

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