Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Little Peanut- 1 year Appointment

Today was Mase's 1 year appointment. He is 31.5 inches tall which puts him in the 90th percentile for heaight, and he weighs 21lbs. 7.5 oz. which puts him in the 25th percentile for weight. His head is 18.5 inches which is in the 75th percentile. Jack was always in the 90+ percentiles for weight, so it makes Mase feel like a little peanut. He had to get 3 immunizations and handled them great.

Mase is getting really close to walking on his own, and with his Birthday party on the 9th I know all of you family members are hoping you get to be around for his first few steps! It's looking like there's a good chance that could happen!

It's a good thing we decided not to celebrate on his actual birthday too because he spent that whole day throwing up. We were going to take him to the pool, but he ended up sleeping and snuggling all day. Luckily he snapped out of it by the next day. 3 days after his Birthday Britt and Brian came over to celebrate and Mase was not a fan of his cupcake... I think that it had something to do with the sprinkles. Hopefully he likes the one at his party better!


Myrna said...

so cute!

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