Thursday, March 31, 2011

Snow Mountain Ranch 2011

Last weekend we spent the weekend as a family at the YMCA Snow Mountain Ranch near Granby, CO. It was a WONDERFUL weekend.

Jack got to craft and painted me a flowerpot
He sledded
Spent 45 minutes watching a tow truck hook up to a bus, and for the rest of the weekend asked if we could hook our car up to a tow truck, lucky for us that did not happen.
Played in the gym
Cross Country Skiied (while the boys were in the awesome childcare center)
Enjoyed the Beauty of the camp and mountains
Visited our favorite place in Colorado (Grand Lake) and saw a moose on the way
Enjoyed ice cream, well Jack and I enjoyed it, Mase doesn't like how cold it is and cringes with every bite!
Although we weren't sure if the boys would be old enough to enjoy camp, it turned out great. The boys were able to nap, sleep through the night, and still have a great time. Matt and I had an outstanding time and Snow Mountain Ranch will definitely be a place we go back to many times.

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Mary said...

That looks like so much fun! And that place is beautifu