Sunday, April 3, 2011

Babysitting Swap

For the last 2.5 years, every Friday Night us and two other families do a "babysitting swap". One family watches the kids, and the other couples get to go out. It has evolved a bit, with two families leaving, and one family joining, and flipping from Friday to Saturday and then back again, but the thing that remains the same is that we all love it.

We've got our two kids, then Enslea who is 1.5, Gabe who is 2, and Ruby who is 7 months. So on a night everyone is there, that's five kids from 7 months to 2.5 years! Here's how the night goes:

1st- Meal time... see how many kids you can keep happy all at once.

Next- Playtime... Jack thinks that he is the boss.

But... he also can be caught kissing the girls.
Gabe got caught cutting everyones hair with the play scissors, luckily they are plastic and did no damage!
Somehow we had a moment with all 5 of them playing nicely, notice Gabe sneaking a little snip in there!
After a little play time we do diapers and jammies, and everyone heads to bed.

Swap has been so great for us because it allows us to go on dates when we probably wouldn't normally hire a babysitter. It has also helped us build great friendships. Hopefully this is something that we can do for a long time to come!

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Mary said...

That is so great you have a group of friends to do tha with! Dates with the hubby are important. :)