Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Hidden Gem- Eldorado Canyon State Park

Today we discovered a hidden gem only about 30 minutes from our house: Eldorado Canyon State Park. We took Mason on his first hike in the backpack, and Jack went on his first hike not in the pack!

Jack was a little afraid of hiking on the trails and over the bridges at first, but after a little while he really starting having fun. He loved dipping his fingers in the water, running on the trail, and looking up at all the rock climbers! His favorite part of the day though was when Matt carried him from rock to rock in the river!

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kirstin said...

Love these pics (and your discovery). I'm so thankful for your blog because I feel like I haven't seen you in FOREVER.
Oh, and the playroom looks great and I can't wait to try your poppyseed chicken recipe. :)
ps- I got the fabric from my target- THANKS for the tip!!! I already made a couple of skirts for Piper Jane and can't wait to find creative ways to use the rest... :)