Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Basement "Guestroom"

Back in our townhouse, we had a guest bed in Jackson's room, and when we had guests they got his room and he got a pack and play in the laundry room. Everyone thought it was funny that we put him in there. Now, we're putting our guests in there! I already told you all about my awesome futon find, now I'll show you the basement laundry room/guest room reveal.

I added a curtain to the window for some privacy. I hung a long dowel rod for a closet where a short one used to be. (This is for overflow because our master closet is tiny). I also hung a few sheets over the unfinished walls and put down a rug to make it a bit homier. Mason is really enjoying the new futon!

I was able to do the entire thing for a total of $20! You already know how I got the futon for free. The rug was $15 at Target (75% off clearance). The curtain was 1/3 of Jackson's nursery curtains that I hemmed. You can't see them but on the sides of the futon are two curtain panels from old curtains of ours.The stars were extra from another project. The closet brackets were free from my dad. I think he took them out of a house they remodeled? The dowel rod we put on the brackets was left behind in our house from the old owners. The cream futon cover is just a fitted sheet. I did pay $5 for the brown sheets covering the wall (75% off Target clearance).

I won't show you the other side of the laundry room where I store my excess pantry items and everything else under the sun. You'll only get that pleasure if you are one of the lucky guests to stay in the laundry room/guest room. Now we just need two sets of guests!

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