Friday, February 19, 2010

Just three for now.

It's exactly 31 days from our due date, and we are just enjoying being a family of 3 for now. Jack loves climbing on his daddy, snuggling with his mommy, and being the "baby" playing in a friends infant carrier. He has no clue what's about to hit him, we're just praying that he handles it well!

Jack is 18 monthes old. He LOVES: fruitsnacks, dancing (specifically to the "party mix" on channel 900), his blankies, milk, climbing on the couches, books, getting bites of mama's ice cream, McDonalds fries and cheeseburgers, the Sesame Street theme song, watching people out the window, dipping his food (in any condiment, it is the motion of dipping, not the taste), standing in front of the fridge with the door open, baths, waking up and seeing snow (just like his mama!), running in stores (especially Home Depot with the LONG aisles), riding on daddy's shoulders, sour cream (on anything), blowing kisses, and blowing his own nose.

He HATES: the blowdryer, salsa, time outs (which are becoming more frequent), the baby gate (it only keeps him from things he wants), closed doors (he is VERY close to being able to open them), getting out of the tub, and mama wiping his nose.

His current words are: Ball, Papa, Mama, All Done, Dat (that) (while pointing to things), Touchdown, Butball(Football), Buffalo, Yellow, Book, nananna (banana). He also barks and moos and thinks that those are the sounds that all animals make!

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