Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A tale of Jack's first time sledding.

Matt blew up the tube, and Matt and Jack both got all bundled up. Mom stood at the bottom of the hill to take pictures. Matt and Jack hiked all the way up the hill.

Only to discover that the tube had a leak and they couldn't sled down.

So Matt pulled Jack all the way back down. By the time they got to the bottom the tube was deflated and Jack was being pulled through the snow.

They threw it straight into the trash and walked away with only their bungee cords.

This is Jack's, "I knew this wasn't going to work" face.

So they resorted to the playground.

Luckily all was not lost because Jack loves the swings.

And Daddy loves to push him.

And the slide.

Matt may have been a little big for the slide.

Jack is still a little skeptical of playing in the snow.

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