Monday, February 1, 2010

Monsters on my Mind!

After my last post of "Babies on the Brain", the title of "Monsters on my mind" seemed fitting as now ALL I have been thinking about are these adorable little monsters. Why you may ask? I have decided to completely redo the nursery in a cute monster theme.
Jack's nursery was really a hodgepodge of what we acquired and never really had a plan or any thought put into it. With all of my extra time at home I have been looking at lots of cute blogs and I realized that our nursery was a completely underutilized decorating space! So... after going back and forth from the idea of lime and brown, circus animals, and an alphabet theme I eventually decided on the "cute monster" theme. It involves sewing new bedding and curtains, repainting a wall or two, choosing, ordering and applying wall decals, installing built in shelves, purchasing more "Uglydolls", and repainting the black rocker that I got new for $40! Matt doesn't know it yet, but this project may sidetrack him slightly from the basement project. As for a budget my goal is to complete this entire project for under $250. Hopefully it won't be long before I will be posting with our cute monster nursery.
P.S. For you curious family members, our son's name is not going to be Stuart, that is just the example of the monster eye letters that I will be ordering in his name!

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