Saturday, July 14, 2012

POOL Party!

Although I've been back in North Dakota for a few days, I still have the last leg of our Midwest tour to document! Since we were already in the heart of the Midwest for the Roommate Reunion, we couldn't be that close to Crystal Lake and not go see Matt's family! So we made the 4 hour trip from Green Bay down and we were greeted by loving family and muggy 108 degree Chicago heat!

This was not like a North Dakota or Denver heat, this was the kind of heat that just takes your breath away because it's not only hot, but muggy too! Anyways, John and Debbie treated us to a day at their health club where the only time any of us got out of the water was to head down the waterslide for trip, after trip, after trip! 

John had a hard time getting his feet under him at the end of the slide!

The minute Jack would get done with one trip down, he would race back to the steps for another, whether anyone was coming with him or not! I may have had to go sprinting up the stairs once to catch him before he tried to go down alone!

 Mason thought it was absolutely hilarious to try and attack Debbie and hold her under water! He is a little stinker that we're learning to watch out for!

Ana lost her tooth the night before, and was proud to show it off to everyone!

On this trip Mason became fearless of water and prefers that we don't catch him when he jumps in!!! He'd rather touch the bottom of the pool and push up, then not be grabbed by us until his head comes back up to the top. Even though it's like 3 seconds, that is the scariest thing EVER for a mom! I swear I went under every time to come back up with him!

It was sure nice to beat the heat by hanging out in the pool!

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