Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crystal Lake 2012

Because we were only in Crystal Lake for 4 days, we had to pack in as much as we possibly could into our short time there.

Each day the temperature was over 100 degrees, so it was so nice to have a cool and comfortable hotel room to head back to at the end of each night.

We started out with a visit from Matt's cousins Keri and Nicole. Nicole hadn't seen the boys since Mase was 6 weeks old. They had fun just goofing around in the hotel room together.

We also had a great visit with Matt's Grandpa Frank and Grandma Jane. Although it was a great visit there were no great pictures to document it!

Then one night Grandpa John and Grandma Debbie took the boys for a "sleepover" with Ana and Matt and I got a night out on the town! We met up with Matt's high school friend Ian and his wife Erin, and Paul and his girlfriend Ciera. Of course we had to hit up Crystal Lake's famous ice cream joint, "The Freeze". We also went bowling and Matt is ashamed to let you all know that I beat him in bowling! That night we got a night to ourselves and the next morning even treated ourselves to breakfast in bed!

Grandma Debbie sent pictures from the sleepover of the kids all knocked out together and Grandpa John knocked out while, "babysitting"!!!

One night we all headed out to Nick's pizza where we met up with Matt's Aunt Lynda and Uncle Gregg and his cousins again. The boys thought this bench outside was the coolest!

Which turned into an impromptu photo session where we got an ok family picture!

On our last morning in Crystal Lake John and Debbie threw a brunch for all of the McGurn's to get together and see us! John is one of eight, so there are a LOT of McGurn's!!! Debbie is an awesome cook so the food was delicious and it was awesome to get to see so many family members all in one place!

By the end of our time in Crystal Lake we had been away from home for 20 days and the boys were exhausted. Although it was an awesome time, hopefully next time we can hit Crystal Lake on the beginning of a trip, rather than with two overtired exhausted little boys!

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