Monday, June 6, 2011

Congratulations Ian and Erin!

Last weekend Matt headed home to Crystal Lake, IL for his best friend Ian's wedding. Although I would have LOVED to be there with him, the timing and finances just didn't line up right, and I ended up staying home with the boys.

Matt and Ian met in middle school, played football together in High School, and have been super close ever since! Here is a picture of them at High School graduation.
A few years ago we all went to Vegas together and for the whole trip Ian just went on and on about, "This awesome girl Erin who he just started dating"! This was one of the few moments from the trip where he wasn't on the phone with her or telling us about her!
This was Matt and Ian 4 years ago at our wedding, congratulating Matt right after the ceremony!
 and and hug too! I love this one!
Ian married an AWESOME girl named Erin who is absolutely perfect for him. We are so happy to have more good friends join us in the "married world"! Erin is just as sweet as she looks!
Here they are with their wedding party, I love Matt's cheesy smile, and Ian's cheesy jump!
 Lastly, here is a picture of what we did while Matt was off having fun!

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