Saturday, June 25, 2011

Goodbye Ferreira's

Last week was bittersweet. Although we hosted the welcome home party for our friends the Minnick's, we also hosted the going away part for our friends the Ferreira's. And they are leaving for good, not just a year like the Minnicks.

Almost three years ago, Savanna and I met at our church's playgroup. Jackson and her son Levi were just a few months apart and we immediately bonded. Later we started our babysitting swap with the Ferreira's which was a huge blessing. Savanna also babysat the boys numerous times when we were in a bind.

Now her husband just got a promotion and they are moving to Richmond. Although we are sad to say goodbye, we are excited for this new opportunity for them!

In order to have a proper sendoff, our initial babysitting swap group all got together for a going away barbeque. Again, I forgot to take any pictures, all of these pictures were taken by my good friend Angie, but at least we have a few pictures to remember the party by!

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