Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines Day with My Loves

Valentines Day this year was wonderful day, spent with the three men that I love the most! Jack got to bake and decorate cookies. Minnesotas and Hearts... even though he kept getting the two confused!

Mason learned how to climb up, and down stairs. Randomly he dissapeared around the corner, and when I got to him he was on the third stair, so I let him keep going. Then, when he was ready to go down, he just went right back down on his belly! No training, practice, or encouraging, the boy just figured it out on his own! My dad (Grandpa Curt) is who taught my siblings and I how to do stairs, and he wanted to be the one to teach his grandkids too... looks like his little namesake Mason Curtis beat him to it!
Valentines day dinner was AMAZING, Matt and I cooked crab and lobster, which was followed by an outstanding chocolate fondue, all while the boys slept in the comfort of our own home.


Carrie said...

Always a scary time when they start climbing up AND down stairs - there's no stopping them then! :) I was just thinking last night that my 6-month-old will soon enough be going up and down stairs too - ack!

Thanks for linking to Denver Bargains in your sidebar! :)

-Carrie from Denver Bargains

Puneet Saakaar said...

yes that is the most scary time when they started to climb.

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So we need to keep an eye to them in every single minute.