Friday, February 25, 2011

Mr. 11 Months and Mr. 2.5

Aren't these two adorable in their little matching Nike outfits and silver Nike Shocks??? Thanks Grandma D and Auntie Britty!

Yesterday Mase turned 11 months! He is such a little SWEETHEART. As you can see he LOVES to swing. He even holds the ropes to "pump" the swing and make it go higher! Even though every picture I got was blurry, they were just so cute that I couldn't not post them.

Here's a few facts about Mase: (if not for any other reason than that the blog is the closest thing I've got to a journal or a baby book)

-He's got eight teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom).
-He LOVES french fries, bananas, and anything he can get off of our plates, but he will eat anything.
-He loves to steal his brother's sippy's.
-His favorite place to play is on the edge of the couch. (scary).
-He can climb up and down the stairs. (even scarier).
-He falls asleep with his stuffed animal "ugly" while playing with his ears (same as Jack does).
-He still loves his pacifier.
-He wakes up and begins immediately shaking his crib and jumping up and down holding the crib rail.
-He still takes two naps a day and sleeps from 8PM-7AM.

While Mason swings, Jack LOVES to get out in our typically beautiful Denver weather. Here is a picture of what he calls, "playin hoops", and he is pretty darn good at it!

Jack is 2.5 years old and here's a few facts about him:

-He asks to stop and play at every park we drive past.
-He still loves fruit snacks.
-His favorite show is Calliou and he watches two episodes every morning while Mase naps.
-He is a HUGE stinker when it comes to bedtime and most naps and bedtimes require me going back into his bedroom numerous times.
-He loves to line up his cars and trucks into rows, he is an extreme organizer.
-He sleeps with his blankie from Grandma Jane, blankie from Grandma Jan, Ugly from daddy, Sheriff from Grandma D, and Elmo from my Grandma Caroline's sister Velma. He will not close his eyes until all of his lovies are there.
-He is talking a TON and one of his favorite phrases is, "I do it myself".

On a side note, a short Jack story is tonight Jack, Mase, and I were in the backseat of the Tahoe. Mase grabbed Jack's arm and Jack yelled, "He's touching me!!!!!", so I turned to Jack and yelled back (not in my finest moment), "He is a baby and it does not matter if he touches you". Then Jackson paused, and somberly said to me, "Mamma, did I make you sad??" Sometimes he just breaks my heart!