Friday, February 11, 2011

Mr. Terrible Two

Lately Jack has been the biggest little stinker, and the sweetest little boy at the same time.

One minute he is stealing suckers from the pantry, breaking glass vases, coloring places he shouldn't be, jumping on the couch, throwing tantrums on the floor, and trying to pour his own milk.

The next minute he is saying the sweetest prayers I have ever heard, asking me for hugs and kisses, making Mase laugh when he was crying, and asking me to kiss he "owies" to make them better.

I guest that's why they call it the "Terrible Twos".

Every night Jack says prayers that start with "Thank You for..." then on to "Help me to...." and then Amen. He comes up for all of the Thank You's and Help me's on his own, and all of them make me smile. Recently some of my favorites have been... Thank you for Mama, Thank for you for Daddy, Thank you for Grandpa Curt, Thank you for Grandpa Curt's Truck, Thank you for War (Warren), Thank you for Gave (Gabe), Thank you for trucks, Thank you for Naps (!!!), Thank you for Calliou (his favorite show). His "Help Me's" are always "Help me to sleep", "Help me to be a good boy". The other night he said his prayers, then said Amen, and then said, "Wait!  Thank you for Mason!".