Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life Lately... Cold Weather, the Parachute, and the Tent.

Typically Denver weather is absolutely GORGEOUS. Lately, it's been another story with freezing cold weather every day. I can't say that I miss that part of Minnesota or the UP! While it's been cold out we have had to get creative inside. Jack discovered that he can "carry" Mason!

Last week Jack's friend Warren had his third birthday party at the zoo. Jack got to touch a porcupine, a cockroach, and a snake. But... for Jack the best part of the day was the parachute! Can you tell how much he loved it?

For Warren's birthday he got a new tent, and so during the Superbowl that made for some fun for the boys! I became the "tent police" in charge of making sure there was order in the tent, but while there was peace I snapped a few pictures!

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