Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Names

For those of you that have been following our blog since the beginning, you probably remember that about a week before Jackson was born we posted a list of 25 potential baby names. In anticipation of this baby getting here soon (a week would be great), we present to you our list of 25 names:

FYI: Many of these names were not even considered, it is in no way a list of names we actually contemplated, but our future son's name is a part of this list. Also, feel free to guess all you want, but until this baby is born we are not telling you if you are right or not so don't go getting anything monogrammed for him!

1. Austin
2. Cain

3. Camden

4. Cameron

5. Carter

6. Christian

7. Colton

8. Connor

9. Elijah

10. Harrison

11. Hunter

12. Isaiah

13. Jacob

14. Jeremiah

15. Jordan

16. Liam

17. Logan

18. Mason

19. Matthew

20. Micah

21. Noah

22. Oliver

23. Owen

24. Parker

25. Spencer


Kate said...

I'm going to guess either Isaiah or Colton, just to see if I'm right. Can't wait to meet your little cutie pie! Katie Odegaard

Anonymous said...

I spent hours evaluating the name list and have narrowed it down to three names using a specially formulated psychiatric analysis I read in a book.

1. Connor

2. Jacob

3. Micah


The Journey said...

Man, we have alot of names in common-or possibly in common. Guess we'll find out on Friday-if I deliver then or whenever you deliver. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mason, Noah, Jacob