Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Perfect "Weekend"

Sometimes Matt and I get tired of not having weekends off of work, but this week we had Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday off, making for an unconventional "weekend". We packed up the Explorer and hit the road and had a PERFECT weekend.

First we drove to the "Ruedi Resevoir" 30 miles south of Glenwood Springs where we had a BEAUTIFUL campsite. It was nestled in the mountains, had a beautiful view of the lake, and had numerous open sites to choose from.
Our first night was a cold one, but the three of us snuggled up tight to keep warm, Jack loved getting to share a bed with us!

Next, we went to Glenwood Springs for the day. We started off with great breakfast at a wonderful cafe.

Then we got shuttled 16 miles out of town for a beautiful bike ride back. We were told it would be "all downhill" and although that wasn't exactly true it was a great ride. Our entire ride was only feet away from the river, nestled in the canyon. Jack took at as an opportunity to catch a 16 mile snooze!

After our long bike ride we went for a soak in the Glenwood Hot Springs which is the largest pool we have ever been in. I got to enjoy the "soaking pool" which was a 105 degree natural hot spring pool! As always, Jackson loved the splashing.

We ended the night with Chinese food from a hole in the wall restaurant that turned out to be outstanding.

Then today after another night of close snuggling with Jack we headed for Aspen. After touring the town we hiked up to the "Maroon Bells" which was beautiful.

Then we ended the day with a drive over the "Independence Pass" and some Chipotle. Hopefully we can enjoy camping on more of these unconventional weekends that are not overcrowded by tourists or traffic!

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