Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A FULL house!

On Friday I got a phone call from a few of our good friends from college, saying that on their trip across America their truck broke down and they would be trapped in Denver for a few days. So... we opened up our house and had 4 extra houseguests! It was our friends Nate, Adam, Alex, and Paulie! Between the guestbed, couch, and floor they made due and we had a great time catching up with them. To top it off before they left on Sunday I cooked a big breakfast and then we had to leave for church. When I came home from church they had left me a spotless kitchen!

Today Matt's cousin Keri flys into town to stay with us for a week, and then we are going to have lunch with an old friend Brian who is in town!

It sure is nice being in such a great city that everyone seems to stop through!

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