Thursday, April 2, 2009

First Tooth, First Ear Infection

It's official, our baby finally has his first tooth! Well... it's actually just a sharp little point on his front bottom left gum, but's it's a start. Along with his first tooth he's got his first ear infection as well. Needless to say it hasbeen a difficult week. He has had ANOTHER cold for about a week, and yesterday he stopped eating so Matt brought him to the doctor, and the doctor said its a bad ear infection in his left ear. The reason that he wouldn't eat is because the suction on the bottle would build up too much pressure in his ear. So now he's on antibiotics, and drops as a pain killer and he is doing much better.

Matt and I are doing good, we're working on figuring out all of plans for the rest of the year, some of the things that are in the works are: Marquette for Timmy and Libby's wedding, a trip to Denver for my sister, Matt's mom, and Matt's dad, some time in MN in June for Jack and I (Matt can't get the time off of work to come with us), Jack's 1st birthday celebration in Denve (details to come), a Whitewater rafting trip in CO, a trip to Jamaica with my family, a potential summer softball team with our Bible Study, an possibly more! We have been invited to 7 weddings this summer, none of which are in CO, and we are struggling with how to decide which ones to go to. One is in CO (that one's easy), one is in Marquette and Matt is a groomsmen (that makes that one easy also), two are in downstate MI, one is in Seattle, one is in Texas, one is in Minneapolis. The hardest part is that every single one of them came to our wedding! I wish our budget and time would allow for all of them, but there are going to be some tough decisions to be made.

Well, I'm off to get some stuff done now that Jack is finally sleeping!

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