Monday, March 23, 2009

Soaking up the Sunshine!

Tonight is the last night of our wonderful vacation in BEAUTIFUL Punta Gorda Florida. We came down last Tuesday and have spent the week at the house that my parents are renting here. My Grandpa Orien and sister were here for the beginning of our trip, and now it's just Matt, Jack, my parents and I.

This week was Jackson's first swim in a pool, and he loved it. He would dive right under and drink the whole pool if we would let him put his head under. He also LOVES to splash. Throughout the week we spent hours in the pool, got lots of reading in, went out on the boat (and saw Dolphins less than 15 feet away!), had numerous ice cream cones, watched the Blue Angels practice, had dinner at Harpoon Harry's on the harbour, walked through Fisherman's Village, went to the Flea Market and picked up a few great finds, and enjoyed lots of great meals as a family. It was also great to have help with Jack from my family all week long. The only downside of the week is that we all came down with colds.

Here are some pics from our week and if you want to see the rest I posted them all at

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