Monday, January 5, 2009

He's off the charts!

Today Matt brought Jackson into the doctor because we thought he had an ear infection (turns out he didn't and we are just paranoid first time parents). Anyways, he is 20 pounds and past the 99th percentile and couldn't even be plotted on the growth chart! I think Matt's dreams of Jackson following in his football footsteps are a likely possibility. Jackson had been holding his ear for the past two days, but the doctor said that it looked great, it may just be his coping mechanism for pain from teething.

Since I have posted since the New Year, I want to wish you all a Happy New Years. We hope that 2009 brings happiness, prosperity, and many other blessings. We rung in the new year with Matt's friend Matt Anderson from Crystal Lake, who just moved out to Denver. We had some excellent Fondue and actually were home before the clock hit 10:30!

We had an excellent time with my parents, and spent last Monday skiing at Keystone while my mom and grandpa watched Jackson. Then my parents headed home early Tuesday morning.

Jackson's 4 month appointment and vaccines are this Thursday, otherwise not too much is going on here, we're just getting prepared to move at the end of the month!

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