Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Growing Little Boy

The other day I tried snapping one of Jackson's newborn onesies, and it would barely snap, he is already growing out of it! Matt and I measured Jackson, and he is now 21 and a half inches long, that's 2 and a half inches longer than when he was born! Today Matt picked out Jackson's outfit for the first time, the pants were a little big, but he was so proud that it got my approval that we had to get a picture, can you believe it, even his socks match! Jackson absolutely loves to be held, and the only place that he will sleep when he isn't being held is in his swing, Matt calls it, "The Silencer". The other picture is of Jackson and Matt watching the Bears game. Matt hasn't let him miss one game yet, even though he does sleep straight through them!

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Grandma Olson said...

Matt did a good job picking out Jackson's outfit. Your dad always wanted to put your outfits on backwards for some reason.

It made me laugh when I read that the swing is called the "sliencer".
I remember those days so well, except in our case you had to wind up the swing and it would always wake up the baby because it was so loud!

You're doing a great job! I'm so lonesome for Jackson. Everytime we look at his picture it makes us smile.

Love you guys!