Saturday, September 13, 2008

He's Two Weeks Old!!!

Here is the cute little outfit that Grandma and Grandpa Debbie and John gave Jackson... he wasn't too happy at the moment, but I had to get a picture!On Thursday night, this is the sleepy little "Pea in the Pod" that Matt came home to! It's still a bit big on him!
Since Jackson was born he has been trying to figure out how to suck his thumb, but he always has it clenched in his fist so he ends up just sucking on random parts of his hand. Today he had a breakthrough and actually found the thumb!
Jackson's favorite place to be is on his changing table, he just stares at his stuffed animals, and loves to listen to the musical one that he got from Uncle Jake.

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Grandma Olson said...

Jackson looks so alert in the pictures of him on his changing table! I bet Matt was surprised when he came home to his pea in a pod!