Tuesday, September 2, 2008

He's Home

Today we brought Jackson home from the hospital and he is doing great. My mom and dad (Curt and Jan) are here to help us out and it is really nice to have them around. Matt's goal is to see how many diapers he can avoid changing, and so far he hasn't had to change too many! Matt has also gone crazy with the video camera, video taping every single "first" that Jackson has. One of today's firsts was the baby swing, which didn't go too well, I think that we need to wait a few weeks for him to get a little bigger. Here are a few more pictures for all of you that want to see the little guy. Hopefully tomorrow we will post some of the videos that Matt has been taking.

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Aunt Connie said...

Dear Jess and Matt: We love the pictures. Greatgrandpa and Greatgrandma Olson have copies all over their house. What a beautiful little boy. We are anxious to meet him in person. Keep the pictures coming. We love you. See you soon.

Great Aunt Connie and Great Uncle Doug