Saturday, September 6, 2008

He's already 6 days old!

Jackson has been home for 4 days now and is doing excellent. He is definitely a "night owl" as his favorite time to be up is from about 10PM to 2AM. Luckily we have had enough grandparents around that every morning at about 7AM I have been able to hand him off and go back to sleep. Yesterday Matt's mom and stepdad (Glenn and Diane) arrived and they were so happy to see him. They brought tons of gifts and clothes, and I think that now we have enough baby clothes to put him in a different outfit every day and never have to do laundry! He is going to be one stylish baby. He also got some more Cubs and Bears clothing... Matt is going to teach him where his loyalties lie young! My parents left to go camping yesterday, and will be back on Monday, hopefully they enjoy their new camper.

For everyone back home we have made our travel plans and we will be leaving Denver on Thursday October 2nd and heading to the Twin Cities. Then on Saturday, October 4th we will be heading up to the lake for a few days. Then on Tuesday, October 7th we will be spending one last night in the Cities. Then on Wednesday, October 8th we will be driving to Crystal Lake, and staying there until Monday, October 13th when we make the big trip back to Denver. We would love to see as many people as possible, and let you all see Jackson, so just get in touch with us so that we can make plans to see everyone!

I know that you are all anxious to see videos, we have been slow getting them up, but hopefully we will get them posted soon. In the mean time here are some more pictures... he sure is a cutie! Also, if you are interested in ordering any of the pictures from his first week, they are all available in a shared Shutterfly album. The quality of the pictures in the album is a lot better than copying them from the blog. Here is the link to that album:

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