Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Green Bay Roommate Reunion!

In college Matt lived with a group of awesome guys, and ever since we have made it a point to get together every summer with Eric who lives in Washington, DC and Tim and Libby who live in Green Bay, WI. This summer's roommate reunion was in Green Bay!

I didn't take enough pictures from our trip, but we had so much fun catching up, hanging out, and just enjoying all being together again!

On our first full day in Green Bay, they took us to "Bay Beach" which was a super fun amusement park.

We all (well except for Libby who is pregnant) rode the "Zippin Pippin" which was so much fun! My first roller coaster ride in about 5 years!

It was SO hot that Eric was a good sport about giving Jack a lift!

There was some horse riding for my little cowboys who shouted, "Yee Haw" the whole time!

Somehow Matt convinced the other guys to ride the "Scat", which the other two would say was a big mistake. Although they all walked off the Scat successfully 5 minutes later while riding the Ferris Wheel they all felt very sick!

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Brittaney said...

I wish I could have seen them riding The Scat. Looks like it was blast!