Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A VERY VERY green door!

I'm a girl who plays favorites. If I go to a restaurant and find something I like on my first visit, forget ever trying anything else ever again because I will order that same thing every time. Working at Target I fell in love with wearing the Naturilzer Pursue shoes, so during my seven year career there I purchased a brown pair and a black pair... three times. Yes, 6 pairs of Naturilzer Pursues.

I play favorites with colors too, in high school it was pink. I loved pink, and once went on a 10 day trip where I accidentally packed almost all pink shirts. I had a pink phone case and wore pink to high school graduation.

In college it was turquoise. Turquoise clothes, decor, you name it, I got it in turquoise. My bridesmaids wore turquoise.

Since my wedding (5 years ago), it's been green. My kitchen accents are green, my curtains are green, my closest has various shades of green, I even painted Mason's nursery bright green.

To make a long story short, when I wanted to give the exterior of our house a facelift, I figured painting the door would be a cheap and easy place to start, and what better color than bright green?

So here it is, the big reveal, our bright green door! Matt isn't a big fan, but I think it will grow on him. Jack told, "wow mom, you're painted door is BEAUTIFUL"! The real question is what the neighbors think???

As you can see, we're starting to make some progress on our landscaping too! I'll spare you those details for now though!

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Christina said...

LOVE this post. I read it a few days ago, but only commenting today. LOVE how it matches with the grass. Great green color!