Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello Yellow

Last weekend my parents came out to our new house for a visit, and there was no way a visit from them could happen without a project as well, so along with many other little projects, I painted the boys room! My mom was awesome and watched the boys, while my dad helped me paint. and paint. and paint. We were covering the old wood paneling and even with the paint and primer in one, it took us 5 coats (and 2 trips to Wal-Mart)!!!! I was dreaming in "Banana Peel Yellow". Although I was starting to hate "Banana Peel Yellow", a few days removed from the painting now I really do love it! I am still working on the quilts for the boys beds, and there is nothing on the walls yet, but I love what is starting to come together! The red mirror was a $6 find at the Goodwill Restore in Brainerd. It needed some TLC, and a shiny coat of red spray paint but it is perfect! The curtains were Ikea finds, but were super sheer. Thankfully my mom sewed a liner in them to avoid 5AM wake ups from the boys. Along with painting I also re-wired all of the light switches and outlets from a dirty cream to fresh white switches and outlets. Although it seems minor it makes them look so fresh on the yellow walls. I can't wait to get the rest of the stuff done for the Pirate room!

In my last house post I told you about the shredding sheers, so here is the reveal of the new curtains! Well... new to the house, they are in their 3rd home for us! My spray painted electrical conduit curtain rods worked out wonderfully and would have ever suspected the finials are spray painted rubber chair feet? The room is so much cleaner, fresher, and airier, I LOVE having those old curtains gone! Having spent $6 on conduit, $1 on chair stoppers, $2.50 on hooks, and $5 on spray paint, all in all the curtain refresh came to a whopping $14.50. I am SO happy with the change!

Lastly, although the cage light was already revealed, I decided to give it a more modern look with some "mini Einstein bulbs". For a grand total of $7.50 I feel like it was well worth it!

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