Thursday, April 12, 2012


Easter is my favorite church day of the year, belting out, "Up From The Grave He Arose", and "Christ the Lord is Risen Today". Along with the Easter hymns I also love the Easter outfits. This year I tried my hand at some sewing and made pants and bow ties for the boys. I made a bow tie for our nephew Harrison too and they looked so adorable in their bow ties.
 Jack doing his, "Happy Dance" for his Easter candy.
 Jack and Mase showing off their chocolate bunnies!
Both boys ate WAY too much candy. Masey even learned to ask for a jelly bean any time I wanted to wipe his nose.

 A rare pic of me with the boys.
 My grandma Verna with all three "great grandchildren" (although her 4th was just born in Arizona!)
Britt and I attempting to take a picture together that we are both happy with. A true successful picture will probably never happen, but this impromptu one passed both of our approvals for now.
 Isn't Harry such a cutie in his bow tie???
The only thing that could have made our Easter better is if Matt would have been here, but... we're all packed up and tomorrow Matt and I close on our house in Dickinson!!!

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