Monday, January 30, 2012

Introducing Harrison Curtis Devane

After 39 weeks of anticipation, today, January 30th 2012 my new nephew Harrison Curtis Devane was born! 6lbs 15 oz., healthy, and doing wonderful. In 20 days I get to go to Denver to see him, so until then I'm anxiously waiting to see pictures of him! I am so proud of my "baby" sister Brittaney and her husband Brian. They are going to be outstanding parents.

You may wonder the significance of the name "Curtis" being Mason's middle name as well. As some of you know Curtis is my dad's name. His character and influence has made such an impact my life and in my sister's that we both chose to name our son's after him!

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angie noteboom said...

cute cute cute!!! please pass my congrats on to brittaney. i'm sure it will be hard to wait 20 days - at least you know that you will get amazing photos of the little guy in the meantime (with brian's great photo taking skills!) :) congrats!!