Wednesday, January 11, 2012


My brother Jake and his wife Britt just announced that they are going to be having a baby, due August 14th! I am so pumped. My sister Britt is also having a baby, due February 4th! This means that not only will I become an Auntie once this year, but twice!

It's sort of funny how things work out, because when both Jake and Britt, and Britt and Bri got married they said, "We're going to wait a while", and "We're not ready". This was sort of disappointing for Matt and I who got pregnant immediately (well...3 months in), because it meant that our boys wouldn't have cousins who they were close in age with. While, God has hand in this one, because unplanned and unexpectedly both Britt's got pregnant! Although it was a bit of a shock for each of them, they have embraced it and are excited about it and Matt and I got our wish for our boys to get cousins close in age!

Oh, and about the lack of Blog posts, sorry. I know I'm a slacker. It has something to do with having limited internet, something to do with losing ALL my pictures on my external hard drive, something to do with being a "Stay at Home Mom" being much busier than I expected', and something to do with this new addiction called Follow Me on Pinterest that consumes all my online time! (See the link in the sidebar of the Blog... you'll be addicted too!) I promise I'll start trying harder.

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