Thursday, November 10, 2011

Update in 30 Pictures

As you know, I am the worst blog updater ever, but I now have a LOT more time on my hands, and have heard from many of you, dissapointed in my lack of blogging, so here it is, I am committed to blogging more frequently again.

So, in order to catch you up, I will get you back up to speed with 30 pictures.
1. Driver's beware, Mase loves to "text and drive"!
2. Matt, Jack, Mase, Myself, Britt, Bri, and my mom took a beautiful drive up Mt. Evans, which is one of two "fourteeners" that you can drive up! In case you were counting that's 7 people and the Tahoe fits 6, which meant Bri enjoyed the views sitting against some pillows in the trunk of the Tahoe!
3. My mom and the boys enjoyed a nice backyard picnic, and now Jack would like every meal to be a picnic!
4. After testing out my sister's new "BOB" stroller, I fell so in love that I got one for myself! It is the coolest stroller ever, and I only wish I would have gotten it 3 years ago.
5. We enjoyed a TON of time at the Arvada fountains this summer.
6. Both boys think that they are cowboys, and most mornings cowboy boots and hats are put on even before breakfast begins.
7. Jackson's first ice cream cone.
8. The March babies at 18 months, Mason, Leah, Owen (left to right)
9. Glenn and Diane came to visit for 9 days and brought Corkie, sadly I didn't take a single picture of them, but have numerous pictures of Cokie!
10. My Grandpa Orien came to Denver to celebrate his 90th birthday.
11. Jake and Brittany (my sister in law, not my sister) came to Denver to celebrate our Grandpa Orien's 90th. This is them and Jack on the Leadville railroad.
12. The Leadville railroad.
13. The entire family together for Grandpa's 90th.
14. Grandpa and the famous "Olson family fudge cake"
15. Matt came home for 10 days off where we enjoyed every bit of fall in Colorado, including a beautiful drive through the mountains to Cripple Creek.
16. Mase at Cripple Creek.
17. At the pumpkin patch with Britt and Bri.
18. Bri and 24 week pregnant Britt at the pumpkin patch!
19. Jack's first trip to the Dentist.
20. Jack and his buddy Gabe at our last babysitting swap ever. Why... you ask?
(this one's not a picture) Becuase after the nanny didn't work out, I decided to quit my job, we put our house on the market, 1 week later a great family offered to rent our house meaning we wouldn't have to sell at a loss, but... they had to move in in 14 days, so I finished out my 2 weeks notice at Target, sold most of our belongings, and moved EVERYTHING into storage all in 2 weeks!
21. All of this happened while Matt was working his 20 days in North Dakota. Here is our family picture at our going away party. It was sad to say goodbye to everyone without him. Luckily that gives an excuse to go back!
22. The March babies at 20 months. Possibly their last "March Babies" picture for a while?
23. Jack and Mase saying goodbye to their buds at the going away party that our OUTSTANDING friends through together. We found out we were moving on a Saturday, told everyone on Sunday, and they threw the BEST going away party ever the following Saturday! I miss them just thinking about it.
24. Matt saying goodbye to his buds at the going away party. Just kidding, but it was pretty funny to have his picture posted throughout the party to feel like he was there!
25. Packing up the house. Thankfully in our whirlwind 2 weeks both my mom and Diane came out and helped!
(I also have to thank our AMAZING friends who not only through the best going away party ever but also came and packed my master bedroom, the shed, the car, took out my trash, cleaned out my fridge, packed up a bunch of stuff for Goodwill, and helped me clean my house. Did I mention they are AMAZING?)
26. Halloween in Minnesota! After packing everything my mom flew back to Minnesota with Mason, and Jack and I drove back and we are temporarily living with my parents in Nisswa, MN.
27. The cutest dragons ever.
28. Jack and my dad doing some yard work here in MN.
29. Jack. Cutie.
30. Our daily view of Gull lake. I can defnitely get used to this.
As for our future, neither of us really knows what it holds. Right now we know that Matt won't be home for Thanksgiving, but that he will be home for a week in December, and then again for 3 days at Christmas. Also that he will continue commuting 6.5 hours between here and North Dakota for a little while. It's super hard for him to be away, but his time off is wonderful and we enjoy more quality time as a family than we ever had with us both working in Denver. Otherwise, we're leaving it all in God's hands and I am REALLY enjoying being close to family, not working, spending more time with the boys, and just having a perfect change of pace!

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