Friday, November 11, 2011

Matt's First Grouse!

Right before Matt took off for ND, my dad took him out Grouse hunting and he REALLY wanted to get a grouse. Last year him and my dad hunted for 3 days straight only to have my dad be the only one to get a grouse. This year, they had about 3 hours and Matt knew it was his only chance! One really cool thing was that Matt was hunting with the gun that he inherited from his stepdad Glenn's dad! Anyways, to my surprise after a few hours out Matt showed up with 2 of his very own grouse!
Jack was not afraid of them at all! When they skinned them and pulled out the breast to freeze and cook Jack said, "I don't eat birds, I eat chicken!" What a cutie.

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The Journey said...

UM...grouse is something to eat??