Sunday, November 13, 2011

Big bed for the Little Boy!

A few days ago Mase was supposed to be napping in his crib when I heard a huge thud followed by screaming. I ran in to find Mase laying on his back on the floor. Whether I was ready or not, that meant his crib days were over. Luckily he was fine, and my parents already had a twin mattress that we set up on the floor for him. He's not much a fan of staying in his bed, and he doesn't just stay in his room and play, the minute he's out of bed he swings open his door, and books it down the long catwalk to the laundry room! When he gets there he's like a proud little baseball player whose made it to home base! Usually I carry him back kicking and screaming. Hopefully he'll learn quickly to stay in bed!

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angie noteboom said...

oh my goodness, i can't believe this is ALREADY happening!!!