Saturday, July 23, 2011

Water Damage

Recently Denver has experienced Monsoon like rainstorms, and although it has been nice for the yard, it has not treated our basement so well. During one of our monsoon rains, one of our gutters clogged, resulting in gallons of water dumping into a basement window well.

The water was actually overflowing over the sides of the window well. This resulting in gallons of water dumping in through our basement window. Matt actually went out in the monsoon and bailed the window well with a bucket, and then stood on a ladder holding up the gutter. He had a minor injury when he slipped and fell into a rosebush... but that's a different story.

The basement we remodeled just a short 15 months ago, and carpet we finished paying for a short 3 months ago

This is what our basement looked like pre monsoon:

And here is post monsoon:

Bad news. We even had to cut out and throw out moldy carpet. Luckily I was able to hold the last remnant of our carpet that exists in Colorado, and it is the perfect size. Unluckily though this is going to cost us a pretty penny.

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Mary said...

Oh no! That is such a bummer. :(

I hope the water can stay out of there now!