Monday, March 14, 2011

All good things must come to an end- The Staycation

The last week of our lives was glorious. All 4 of us, with no work, plenty of sleep, and lots of quality time together. We relaxed so much that even our to do list didn't get done. Along with the to-do list, I also didn't blog. Sorry. A few things we did do though were:

-Celebrated a girlfriend's birthday with her and a few other friends
-Sew Mase's Birthday outfit
-Get Mase's 1 year pics taken
-Start the planning of Mase's party
-Hung a new light fixture on the back porch
-Sewed superhero costumes
-Went to the "superhero party" for Owen Floyd's 1st Birthday
-Went to "The Keg" for our "5280" date night
-Enjoyed ice cream at Glacier Ice Cream in Boulder
-Played at the Cherry Creek Mall play area
-Took the boys to Westlands Playground
-Swam at the Apex Center
-Rented "The Social Network"
-Had Family Movie Night and watched "Toy Story 3"
-Watched "The Good Shepherd" (but I don't reccomend it)
-Played in the backyard A LOT
-Ate at "The Cherry Cricket"
-Organized the Shed, Laundry Room, and Garage
-Matt and Jack got haircuts (At a traditional Barber Shop)
-Checked out Denver's newest Target (I just couldn't stay away)

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